Workin’ Moms (season 1)
How does it looks like to be a mother? You think that the life of women ended after giving a birth to her child? Do you think that all of the free life is over? All the days spent on the flight to your baby? What is already possible to forget about
The Mick (season 1)
TV series "Mick" is assembled a team of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Here we face a dysfunctional and foul-mouthed girl called Mick, she moved to rich Greenwich, Connecticut, to look after the children's own pampered rich sister and her
Country, Channel: USA, FOX
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Randall Einhorn
Shooter (season 1)
Main character of the show is unusually cynical character for our times. He is the military man, rational, but conscientious. His name is Bob Lee Swagger and he is a retired Marine. During the service, for the benefit of US many times he has taken
Country, Channel: USA, Network
Genres: Action, Drama
Creator: John Hlavin
Revolting (season 1)
In the center of the sitcom Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse - two extraordinary comedian from the UK who will make you laugh the loudest. British Invasion of humor, which has managed to conquer all of America! Two best friends and two successful
Country, Channel: UK, BBC
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Heydon Prowse, Jolyon Rubinstein, Joe Wade
Cast: Ace Bhatti
No Tomorrow (season 1)
"No Tomorrow" - a romantic comedy series for 2-absolutely different people who are joined once, to fulfill their own aspirations to the list of "What should be done in my life," admitted before the end of the world. "No Tomorrow " - adapted from a
Country, Channel: USA, The CW
Genres: Drama
Creator: Brad Silberling
Bull (season 1)
“Bull” is аn upcoming Americаn television drаma series stаrring Michаel Weаtherly. Dr. Jаson Bull (Michаel Weаtherly) runs a triаl consulting compаny to help analyze juries in this drama series. He is аn expert in human psychology and the best trial
American Housewife (season 1)
"The American housewife" - the upcoming American comedy television series, filmed by Sarah Dunne Katy Mixon in the main role, which will be released on the ABC in the season 2016-2017 years. At the center of the plot there is strong inside Katy
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Sarah Dunn
The Halcyon (season 1)
In the middle of attetion the 30's of the last century. In the center of the life of the hotel, which takes its walls the most famous and important guests. A huge number of workers strives every day to keep in order and cleanliness of the
Timeless  (season 1)
Mysterious offender steals a secret vehicle of time, thanks to her intention to eliminate America. Heroes of TV show go to the layout of the stolen car in Time tour, making stops in the most critical episodes for the state. They need to make every
Country, Channel: USA, NBC
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Creator: Charles Beeson, Neil Marshall, John Terleski
Man with a Plan (season 1)
Adam takes over the responsibilities for the upbringing of three children after his wife decides to return to work after 13 years spent in the status of housewives. He thinks that he is ready to bring up the favorite offspring. However, very soon
Country, Channel: USA, CBS
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Jackie Filgo and Jeff Filgo

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