Iron Fist (season 1)
Daniel Rand taught many years ago, an amazing martial art of kung fu. In this difficult matter a great role played by his father, who was able to find out about the existence of the city, which is considered secret. Its founders were being born not
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi
Creator: Scott Buck
Travelers (season 1)
TV series “Travelers” focuses on the secret work of the team who starts the last surviving people find means of sending consciousness into the ordinary people of the 21st century back in time to save mankind from a terrible future. Armed only with
Country, Channel: Canada, Netflix
Genres: Sci-Fi
Creator: Brad Wright
Frontier (season 1)
The events takes place on the open spaces of North America in the XVIII century. Local tribes lived peacefully and happily, engaged in traditional craft, yet not to the continent, Europeans landed. Guests seeking to strengthen its position and seize
One Day at a Time (season 1)
One Day at a Time in the series affected by social and community issues, as well as interpersonal relationships, especially those related to feminism. The game's story is Anne Romano, a divorced mother, played by Bonnie Franklin, her two teenage
Country, Channel: USA, Netflex
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Pamela Fryman
Fuller House (season 2)
Tanner has already two children and soon the third child will be born. Suddenly, misfortune happens in the family, a husband of Tanner died. Now it becomes very difficult to raise children for her, because of pregnancy and work in a veterinary
The Get Down (season 1)
Season 1 of music-driven drama “The Get Down” set in 1970s-era New York is about a group of dark-skinned kids from the South Bronx. They are eager to conquer the boho districts of Manhattan, but they have nothing in the background. Still they have
Haters Back Off (season 1)
Miranda Sing is involved in promotion of her account on YouTube. An incredible way the main character was able to collect himself an impressive database of 6 million subscribers by posting videos on the service of his video blog. Despite the absence
Country, Channel: USA, NETFLIX
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Andrew Gaynord
Luke Cage (season 1)
Once in prison because of fabricated evidence, Cage becomes an unwitting participant in a secret medical experiment in which something has gone wrong, with the result that Luke became a superman, having great strength, incredible stamina and a
Stranger Things (season 1)
Events of the series called "Stranger things" begin in Indiana in 1983. After a ten-hour game with friends Will returns home late at night and becomes a witness to something terrible. He barely has time to run to the shelter, but something haunting
Narcos (season 2)
In the center of the plot of this series is the story of the criminal path of a well-known drug baron, Pablo Emilio Escobar. This man was born in an ordinary undistinguished family of low class, and his childhood passed in the poor neighborhoods of
Country, Channel: USA, Netflix
Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama
Creator: Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro

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