Girls (season 6)
The four best friends living in New York, which means that each and breakfast draws them in paint their ideal life. Previously, they called each other almost every day and shared with each other the most secret, but now the foursome became strangers
Country, Channel: USA, HBO
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Creator: Lena Dunham
Crashing (season 1)
The plot tells about the lives of young people who live in some kind of an abandoned hospital, pledging to look after him, and in return they pay symbolic rents. The idea of the series focuses on the problem of the lack of affordable housing, as the
Country, Channel: USA, HBO
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Pete Holmes
Big Little Lies (season 1)
Jane is a single mother who has moved to a new city with his young son Ziggy. On the way to kindergarten, she met with Madeleine and Celeste with children about the same age as Ziggy. In the women's friendships, but each of them is submerged in the
Divorce (season 1)
After a long life together Francis decides to terminate the marriage. It was caused by her best friends, who recently divorced too. But as the result, Francis changed her mind, but her husband has found out that his wife was sleeping with strange
Country, Channel: USA, HBO
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Sharon Horgan
Westworld (season 1)
The action sci-fi series takes place in a large amusement park and recreation. Futuristic park is divided into different areas. Guests are entertained by humanlike androids who are not able to harm people. But one day robots lose control and become
Insecure (season 1)
The main characters of TV series ‘Insecure’ are two the most common thirty-year old African American who since the birth dream about a happy life. That's just things are going quite well as they would like. They are madly want to find a loved one
Ballers (season 2)
The protagonist if the “Ballers” series is represented by becoming more and more popular and influential in Hollywood Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He plays a professional football player out of sports due to his age. Those times of his success have
Vice Principals (season 1)
Neil and Lee are director’s assistants in the school of Lincoln Hill. Their boss Dr.Belinda Brown is a powerful and self-confident woman. Our heroes are eager to get her off the position. They are tired of having all the work being dumped on
Silicon Valley (season 3)
Richard becomes the president of the company, but he would rather deal exclusively with programming. Ehrlich is a member of the Board of Directors. As long as he is the owner of the incubator, he receives 10% of the shares. His charisma is important

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