Nicholas D’Agosto

Gotham (season 2)
This TV series might describes the events prefacing the time when the city of Gotham has Batman as a vigilante. The main hero here is Jason Gordon. He is a detective trying to keep justice in the city. One can call this story a prequel to the story
Gotham (season 3)
More recently, the forces of evil could freely commit their crimes, but now things are different, thanks to the uncompromising ally of Batman - James Gordon. Confrontation with criminals has only hardened the detective even more. The fight is
Masters of Sex (season 3)
This is a dramatic story about two people to be the first in the science of human sexuality.Their studies are believed to start sexual revolution.These two are Dr. William Masters and his assistant Virginia Johnson. The topic of sexuality and all
Country, Channel: USA, Showtime
Genres: Drama
Creator: Michelle Ashford

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