Michael McGrady

Beyond (season 1)
Childish adventure ends for little boy's hospital bed. Only 12 years later, Holden suddenly emerges from a coma to find within themselves the possibility, in consequence of which he turned out to be under threat. As soon as the boy Holden, together
Country, Channel: USA, Freeform
Genres: Mystery
Creator: Steve Edelson, Nick Copus, Sam Hill
American Crime (season 2)
The action of the series, a genre of which is designated as the legal drama with racial and sexual underlying reason by the creators is set in a small California town of Modesto. The police receive a call of a man who says that the tragedy has
Ray Donovan (season 3)
Ray Donovan is the one to fix your problem. Any problem of any person around – drug addicts, criminals, broke people. The only people he is not able to deal with a his relatives. It all comes from his childhood when he lost his mother and his sister

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