George Blagden

Vikings (season 4)
Their deeds and warlike disposition are receive their own legends. The whole world trembles in front of their commanders and Gods. They are the Vikings, the Free warlike people living in the Scandinavian lands. Despite their demeanor Vikings are
Versailles (season 1)
As early as at 4 years old Louis XIV has been crowned, but he is too young to rule still. The boy needs to be old enough and competent for such titles as King and should gain the necessary ruling knowledge. A child is growing, France is temporarily
Vikings (season 1)
This is Scandinavia of the 8th century. Ragnar Lodbrok is an honest Viking warrior and a farmer. He wants to get all the tribes united and to head them to explore the western lands, which have not yet been taken but surely have a lot precious jewels
Country, Channel: Ireland, Canada, History
Genres: Action, Drama, History
Creator: Michael Hirst
Vikings (season 3)
The first episode of the season will start right after the events of the second season finale. The Vikings begin to siege Paris, several new characters are introduced to the series. Those are the people living in the sieged city. Life of Lagertha is

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