The Goldbergs (season 4)
Events picture takes viewers in the 1980 year. This time period was full of many trends in politics, culture and science, which had a certain impact on the little family Goldberg. In appearance they do not differ from the others: father, mother,
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Adam F. Goldberg
Imaginary Mary (season 1)
Alice's life is almost perfect: she has her own piracy company, a nice house, an expensive apartment, and also faithful friends. Problems arise only in family life, because she can not find the man of her dreams. In her head, Alice turns everything
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
Creator: Jenna Elfman
Modern Family (season 8)
The plot of the comedy TV series "Modern Family" revolves around three quite similar families who are, are interconnected through a man by the name of Jay Pritchett, his adult daughter Claire and Mitchell's son. Despite the fact that these families
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Creator: Steven Levitan, Christopher, Lloyd
Designated Survivor (season 1)
In the center of the political thriller "The last candidate" - the story of ordinary people on the planet who falls into the extraordinary incident. During the yearly circulation president happens the attack. The head of the country and bureaucrats
Black-ish (season 3)
Andre Johnson is dreaming about the same as many other Americans. Dre believes that life can be called, held and happy, if he would be a great job and a great large family house in the exclusive area. Only then can he be called a success, and held a
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Kenya Barris
Switched at Birth (season 5)
Daphne, which in truth is the daughter of a wealthy intellectual family was a single mother. Even in their first months of life, she lost the ability to hear from complications arising during the disease. She lives in disadvantaged areas, together
Country, Channel: USA, ABC Family
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
Creator: Lizzy Weiss
Quantico (season 2)
At Quantico base in Virginia, intended for the preparation and selection of the FBI agents arrive six recruits. Supervises base Miranda Shaw, it was she who, together with his former partner Liam O 'Connor, came up with a new agent screening
A.P.B. (season 1)
The main character of TV series «APB» is Millionaire (Justin Kirk), who bought problematic police station because of the murder of the beloved person. Can the progressive behavior of the mysterious and eccentric man to bring order to the police
American Crime (season 3)
The main action takes place in a small town. Here comes the murder. But killing is not a politician or some more celebrity and deprived of life of the local police. After investigation, it is clear that a crime has been accomplished on the basis of
Country, Channel: USA, ABC
Genres: Drama
Creator: John Ridley
Time After Time (season 1)
Time After Time is an adaptation of the science fiction novel by American writer Charles Alexander from the creator of "Scream" Kevin Williamson. The series tells the adventures of a young writer HG Wells, who invents - a time machine. He has not

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